Israeli government's mass murder of imprisoned civilians in Gaza:

Israel's assault on Gaza has exacted the bloodiest toll of civilian lives yet,
when the bombing of UN schools being used as refugee centres and of housing killed more than 50 people,
including an entire family of seven young children.

22nd day: 1300 killed, more than 5300 injured, more than 120,000
displaced/homeless! One third are children!

No Water, No Electricity, No Food, No Medicine, No Refuge, No Sewage...
They've occupied the Palestine, what remains is to get rid of the Palestinians!
No Respect for International laws, No Respect for Human-Rights, No Merci, No Shame!

Now with white phosphorus shells, targeting schools, hospitals, UN-facilities, the press...

Human Rights Watch says pictures like this point to white phosphorus use
Rights group: Israel uses white phosphorus in Gaza
We need another Nuremberg Tribunal, to put these murderers behind the bars!

If EU and Swedish government do not condemn Israel's government
for this barbarian massacre of civilian people
then they too should be considered as supporters of this slaughter

Killing helpless starving children, butchering defenseless civilians in captivity
- "in self-defense"!

Robert Fisk: I covered all these atrocities...Our fate, of course, was that most slanderous of libels:
we were accused of being anti-Semitic.

Obama, Biden, Clinton and others support the slaughter by their silence - YES, THEY CAN!

Send War-Criminals to Jail!


If these are your enemies, then you have to be a ...!