Dear Haideh,

Unfortunately after all the unsuccessful efforts that we have made to create a comradely and sincere atmosphere we have come to the conclusion that the only way for us is an official attitude and the direct presentation of our demands from you. You should pay attention to the fact that it may be possible for you today to get Stockholm University or other institutions to accept your economic reports by relying on personal and friendly relationships. But we are obliged to act in a way that should leave no worries or problems about the accuracy of these reports at any time and even in the future years, in case of any investigation into the economic files of Women’s Network. We hope that you will not take it as personal and recognise the responsibility we have.


Decision concerning the settlement of Haideh’s accounts in relation to the IWSF conference

Stockholm 23.10.2001-10-23

Considering the fact that

  1. Women’s Network is and has been the official organiser of the 12th IWSF conference in Stockholm;
  2. Haideh Daragahi has been the representative of Women’s Network , and had presented herself as such in all the cases in which she has asked for and received funds from various institutions and organs;
  3. In addition to being the head of the co-ordinating committee of this project she has also been in charge of the financial committee within the executive group of the organosers;
  4. Haideh has received a salary for carrying out the tasks related to this conference even after the conference was convened;


From the point of view of Women’s Network Haideh is personally responsible and duty-bound to present the complete economic report of this project to the group in charge of Women’s Network, i. e., the very same 3 person strong group who took the responsibility for convening the conference a year ago, and is still sitting at the head of Women’s Network.

The economic report of IWSF should include:

  1. All the amounts received in the name of this project by Haideh, irrespective of cash or other to the banking or postgiro account of Haideh, one by one, with the date and the name of the payee. The withdrawals (kontoutdrag) or postgiro reports from the postgiro that has been opened for this purpose in Haideh’s name should, from the date of the opening to this date be enclosed.
  2. Each and every item of the conference expenses for this project should, along with the date, the name of the recipient, and the content of the expenditure be listed. For each item the original receipt should be enclosed. The reference number of each enclosed receipt should be mentioned against the expenditure, so that each item should easily be found among the enclosures.
  3. Extra expenditure for which there is no receipt should, as customary, be included in the list of expenditures as an independent item under this name. In the enclosed item related to this item it should be explained which expenses this item includes.
  4. All left over money from the project’s budget that is left with Haideh should be transferred to Women’s Network’s account. This sum should be included as the last item of payments, so that the sum total of the assets and expenditures should be completely equal.

The group in charge of Women’s Network would, after receiving this report look into it with the Network’s accountant (Latife Fegan). Should the group deem it necessary the report should be completed by Haideh. Only after the official ratification of this report by the Women’s Network is the presentation of any other report to any of the financiers of the conference, or to the IWSF permissible. It is only after this point that Haideh has settled the accounts with Women’s Network.




Considering the fact that, among others, in the August 10 meeting in the presence of the people in charge of the Network and two observers, Shohreh and Hans Hansson, Haideh was instructed NOT to give any reports to any other authority before reporting first to the Network and the ratification of the report (by the Network), and considering the fact that despite this decision Haideh has submitted a report to Statens Kulturråd in the Network’s name, and by so doing she has for the last of several times proved that verbal agreements with her cannot be counted on, and, finally, since after the passage of 5 moths after the conference Women’s Network has as yet received no official report from this project

We demand from Haideh to commit herself in writing to

acting promptly to what is demanded of her in this letter in relation to presenting the economic report of the conference project and would no later than November 1st get the report to Women’s Network according to the above instructions and would commit herself to not giving any economic report of any sort to any other authority except to the Women’s Network.

In case any other economic reports have been sent in the name of the Network without the approval of the Network, the Network regards it as its obvious right to officially inform the authority in question that the sent documents are invalid (as WN's report).

We hereby declare that from this date all our co-operation with Haideh Daragahi in Women’s Network is suspended, pending settlement of the accounts of IWSF with the above named person.

For Women’s Network:
 Leila Qaraee (signed)
 Azam Qaraii (signed)

Recepients (of the letter)
 Hans, Shohreh, Vahid